Bugucky Budgerigar Birdy is one of the the main protagonists in Diddy Plush Adventures. He was born on 3/29/1989.


Bugucky is a brown feathered ostrich with white feathers on his wings. He has a tuft of white fur around his neck, and a brown and white tail.


  • In some episodes, Bugucky can fly, even though he is an ostrich.
  • Bugucky's age is revealed to be 36.
    • This age was originally 27, but was increased for unknown reasons.
  • Bugucky's flexible neck makes him prone to attacks.
  • Bugucky has cataracts.
  • Bugucky has starred in Isle of Survivors in 2015, The Diddy Kong Show from 2015 to 2016, Diddy in 2016, and three different shows titled Diddy Kong Adventures. All of these shows have been cancelled.
  • Bugucky knew Diddy, Teddy, and possibly Lester when Diddy was a senior in high school.
  • Bugucky has $12 to his name.
  • Bugucky is very sensitive.
  • Bugucky admits to being unintelligent.