"Cut" is the third episode of season one of Diddy Plush Adventures. It aired on 7/29/2016.


Four chefs compete for a $10000. But there is a surprise twist for their cooking...


  • Running Gag: George peeing on fire hydrants and the judges throwing up.
  • This is the first time vomit can be seen in an episode.
  • When this episode aired, it was the longest episode in the series.
  • Bugucky's job as an Arizona senator has never been mentioned in other epispdes.
  • The censored ingredients were Old Spice and Molten Brown antiperspirants.

Cultural References

  • This entire episode is a parody of the popular cooking show Chopped.
  • The judges' names are based off real life chefs.
  • The cost of milk is a reference to the movie, Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed.


  • If Lockheart was lactose intolerant, then cheese should have not been a mystery ingredient.
    • In addition to this, she was not sent to the hospital after the first round.
  • The captions shown in the episode are a different format than captions in other episodes.



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