"Diddy's Wardrobe" is the fourth episode of season one of Diddy Plush Adventures. "The Chronicles of Yarnia" is the fifth episode of season one of Diddy Plush Adventures. Diddy's Wardrobe aired on 7/31/2016, and The Chronicles of Yarnia aired on 8/1/2016. It is the first two-part special in the series.


Part 1: After discovering that he is a model, Diddy invites his friends to go inside of his wardrobe, which turns out to be magical portal to the land of Yarnia.

Part 2: Diddy and his friends visit Yarnia, a magical place filled with homemade items. Dixie, Bugucky, and Teddy, then learn that the creatures in Yarnia go evil overnight, and that they must escape before they are killed.


  • This is the first two-part episode to air.
  • Part one reveals that Diddy is a model.
  • In Yarnia, multiple items can be seen.
    • The poster for the Kong Con event is mentioned by Diddy.
    • Slippers, a blanket, and Dixie's old hat are among the crocheted items visible.
    • A Diddy's Dailies Pillow and a punching bag are among the hand-sewn items visible.
    • There are also two T-Shirt headbands in Yarnia.
  • Part two was originally supposed to be titled The Chronicles of Yarnia: The Donkey, the Bear, and the Wardrobe.
  • Part two marks the first fatality in the show.
  • The voiceover in the beginning of the episode was created using online text to speech software.

Cultural References

  • Yarnia is a parody of Narnia.





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