Diddy Kong is the main protagonist in Diddy Plush Adventures. He was born on 8/4/1994.[2]


Diddy is a brown spider monkey with plain black eyes. He wears a red shirt.


  • Diddy is the first character to ever appear in Diddy Plush Adventures.[3]
  • Diddy is seen to be an excellent chef.[4]
  • It is unknown if Diddy's video in Going Viral has actually gone viral.
  • Diddy starred in Isle of Survivors in 2015, The Diddy Kong Show from 2015 to 2016, Diddy in 2016, and three different shows titled Diddy Kong Adventures. All of these shows have been cancelled.
  • Diddy has had more jobs than any other character on the show.[1]
  • Diddy knew Bugucky, Teddy, and possibly Lester when he was a senior in high school.[5]
  • Diddy is rich.[1]
  • Diddy is the only known main character to get arrested.[1]
  • Diddy and Teddy have the exact same phone.[6]
  • Diddy's past as a video game star will be a main focus of the third season.


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