"Diddy Plush Adventures" is a satirical action comedy created by Diddy's Dailies. It aired on YouTube on 7/25/2016.

Main Characters

  • Diddy Kong - A brave, creative, and not-so smart monkey who lives in the Roundabout.
  • Dixie Kong - A young ape who wears a toupee and lives in the Roundabout.
  • Teddy Tittyqua - A buff, engineering bear whose stupidity and anger management problems always provide humor. Teddy lives in the Roundabout.
  • Bugucky Birdy - An idiotic ostrich who is learning to become intelligent and lives in the Roundabout.
  • Lester Jones - A new reporting pig who joined the Roundabout in Two Idiots.
  • Felix Zomox - An evil, black-furred cat who plans to imprison Diddy and his friend, for he believes that they are responsible for the destruction of his home planet, Xynyn.
  • Dark Puma - A red cat whom Felix works for.

Names in Other Languages

Language Meaning
Bulgarian Penguins
Chinese Diddy Plush Adventure
Japanese Adventure of Diddy Plush Doll
Russian The Adventures of Diddy Plush