"Dixie's Entrance" is the first episode of season one of Diddy Plush Adventures. It aired on 7/25/2016.


Diddy hears a knock at the door and discovers Dixie, a young ape in search of a place to stay during the storm. So Diddy goes to Teddy to let him decide.


  • Teddy is the only character in this episode that does not go outside.
  • This episode makes many firsts:
    • This is the first video ever uploaded by Diddy's Dailies as a Diddy Plush Adventures episode.
    • Diddy, Dixie, Bugucky, and Teddy all make their debuts.
    • The Diddy Plush Adventures series begins with this video.
    • This is the first episode aired in July.
    • A warning is shown before the video for the first time.
      • The warning warns about the cheesy ending to the video.
    • This is the first Diddy's Dailies Plush episode to not have a theme song or a titlecard.
      • The titlecard is replaced with a caption with the name of the episode.


  • It is not raining when Dixie asks to come in.
  • Bugucky asks, "What's she's doing?", which is grammatically incorrect.
  • Diddy does not go through the door when he goes to talk to Bugucky.


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