"The Drippy Drooly Tennis Ball of Prophecies and Junk" is the seventeenth episode of season one of Diddy Plush Adventures. It aired on 10/17/2016.


Lester, Diddy, Dixie, Teddy, and Bugucky explore a newly-discovered cavern. Lester gets caught in a zero-gravity room, Diddy and Dixie go on a boring volcano ride, Teddy gets trapped, and Bugucky get stuck in quicksand.


  • This was the longest episode on record when it aired, the longest now being part five of The Rise of Dark Puma.
  • This episode marks Lester's first main role.


  • Diddy learns about his prophecies and finds "The Drippy Drooly Tennis Ball of Prophecies and Junk".

Cultural References

  • Diddy says that an unknown person showed up on SNL, that it, Saturday Night Live.


  • This episode has poor lighting.
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